Hereafter and Scientology

AFTERLIFE: ‘Bardol Thodol’ and ‘Sidpa Thodol’ from ‘Tibetan Book of the Dead’ with advances by Carl Jung and Lama from Kazinoekstra and Anagarika Govinda, by Evans Wentz are great insights into the hallucinatory nature of the images we carry forward beyond the grave. These hallucinations (beliefs) are gone and the ‘white light’ is all that’s left. ‘White light’ may not be visible to those who remain attached to this plane of material and its obsession or propaganda for quite a long time. Purgatory and limbo interstitial states (words with all kinds of far-from-true fairy tales associated with them) are realms where these cunning ‘visions’ play their energies on the unenlightened ‘followers’ souls of many belief systems. That’s a simple rundown, to say the least.

The Afterlife for Scientologists

Moody’s worked on the document ‘Life After Death’ in real epistemic terms a large number of cases that boil down to 15 common stages and eight of which most people go through. From conversations with people who have had heart by-passs or other Near Death Experiences (NDEs), I’m sure there are many benefits to the work. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross is a great student and scholar from UCLA whom I meet and hear talk about on these things. In the final analysis I found that many of the quantum physical worlds have the best descriptions of what other dimensions of reality allow. However, all of us cannot understand what is not physically involved with us, so allow me to visit with ‘Seth Speaks’ by Jane Roberts and L. Ron Hubbard, Jr. for a moment; he said:

“The explanation is rather long and complicated. The basic reason is that there are some forces in this universe that are quite strong. For example, Hitler was engaged in the same black magic and the same occult practices as my father. {This may explain why the Allies used Hubbard and Crowley. , Dion Fortune and Ian Fleming in group psychic cons.} Which, as I said, stems clearly back to pre-Egyptian times. This is a very secretive matter. [We cover a lot of things in the ‘Science’ of ‘Genesis of’ the Grail Kings’ and a Christian mystery school called Rosicrucianity.}. Very powerful and very easy to work with and very dangerous. Brainwashing is nothing compared to that. The proper term is “fractured soul.” It is like opening the soul, which then opens various doors to existing powers, “ demonic and demonic powers …

[My brother is a thirty year old member who has signed a one billion year full soul contract. He thought L. Ron Jr. is the antithesis of ‘being aware of being’ and all Scientologists HATE it. That’s a pretty good recommendation in itself, if you take a closer look at this organization which uses every hypnosis and other method of mind control available to milk people from everything including their souls. If it’s not ‘organized crime’ I don’t know what is! However, in the scheme of things they say is more honest than most of what they imitate – like psychiatry and education. Ritalin is their favorite rally point.}

The Church of Scientology

Simply put, it is like a tunnel or a road or a door. [Meditation takes one through this to the white light that the afterlife signifies. In this process the physical individual on the Scientology pathway never makes it to the next realm, except in the OTO [Ordre Templis Orientalis] ‘fin-de-siecle’ suicide retirement plan, that Hubbard studied at the Thelemic Crowleyan school as is located in many documents – but Scientologists say he works as an undercover agent. FOR WHO?!}. Draw that power into yourself through other people – and use women {In this Crowleyan adaptation of the Star-Fire Ceremony that uses ‘Scarlet Women’ for monthly menstruation so it’s full of hormones like melatonin. Hubbard was also a Rosicrucian.}, Especially – very dangerous {Even Crowley thought Hubbard was a lunatic to think he could order the goddess Babalon to do her bidding.}. It made Dr Fu Manchu look like a kindergarten student. This is ultimate vampirism, ultimate mind-phuck, instead of going for blood, you’re going for their souls. And you take drugs to achieve that state {Medicine thing is out now that L. Ron Sr. drugged out of their miserable existence.} where you could, literally, like psychic hammers, break their souls, and draw strength through. He designed Scientology’s Operating Thetan technique to do the same. But, of course, it will take several hundred audit hours and mega-thousands of dollars {Current data shows the course for ‘Bridge’ runs over $ 300,000 dollars.