University Degree in Journalism

For many people, journalism is a career that has no equality; being able to write and report on ground breaking events – or just those of a local nature – is something that thousands of people enjoy and, more importantly, make a living from. Journalism is taught all over the world to degree level at many universities, but what are you looking for in a journalism degree?

The first thing to consider is whether you want to study part time or full time; There are courses available in both fields, which means that if you work in a different field and want to change to a journalism career you can study part time. The benefits of this are attractive to some, but the younger generation may want to study for a degree in journalism on a full-time basis.

Bachelor of Journalism

Another option is to look at one of the available online courses; Usually this covers a longer period of time before completion, but the convenience of studying from home can be of great benefit to those with families living in it.

Journalism is a broad spectrum, a phrase that covers many aspects of the news provision sector. You may wish to go into research, in which case seeking a degree with a forward aspect would be suggested, or your desire may be to enter the world of radio or television, and in this case it would make sense to investigate one of the many degrees that combine journalism with media studies to expand your horizons.

Journalism Degree Program

Many of the world’s top universities offer highly impressive and respected journalism degrees, but some can be found in less likely places; in the UK several small universities rated very highly for journalism – Cardiff and London City have been recommended – while in the US the universities of Florida and Maryland came highly rated.

Whatever you choose to do, the resources for investigating the best places to study journalism are extensive; It is highly recommended that you join any local club and speak to local press outlets with a view to gaining work experience, and talk to other people who may have taken courses at a particular school and feel satisfactory, or vice versa.

Careful research, and making sure you take on all the subjects you want, can lead to a lucrative career in journalism.